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1000w Voltage Converter 110v/220v Transformer

1000w voltage converter is a household voltage converter. The 1000 watt voltage transformer is larger and heavier than the 500w voltage converter, and lighter and cheaper than 2000w or 3000w voltage converter. So it's more suitable for converting voltage at home, and connecting some low-power small household appliances buying from abroad, such as the heating-type face steamer, low-speed juicer and so on.

1000w voltage converter1000w voltage converter parameters:
Input voltage: 100-120v/220-240v
Output voltage: 220-240v/100-120v
Size: 228*152*100mm
Weight: 5kg
Rated power: 1000w
Coil type: Toroidal
Efficiency: 90%
Protection: Over load/over voltage
Certification: CE

1000w voltage converter is a step-up and step-down voltage converter. If the home voltage is 110v, and electric appliance rated voltage is 220v, before using appliance we should set as follows. First, switch the voltage selector of voltage converter to 220v option. Second, plug in power and turn on the power switch, waiting for ten minutes. Third, insert the appliance plug into the voltage converter 220v output socket. Then turn on the appliance power switch, it can work normally.

Generally resistive load electric appliances such as face steamer is through the resistance heating to work, so the appliance with rated power below 800w can be used to connect a common 1000w voltage appliance need a 1000w voltage converter in USconverter. And for induction load electric appliances such as juicer that using motor to work, it is best to limit rated power below 500w, or using a full power 1000w voltage converter.

For example, this face steamer rated power is 350w, fully meet the working requirement of 1000w voltage converter. According to the instructions of face steamer, using it for 1-2 times a week, 18 minutes for every time. So every time you want to use it just taking the voltage converter out. After use put them away, the voltage converter will not occupy place.

And this juicer using frequency is relatively high, and then you can put the voltage converter on the kitchen operation desk, because its weight and size are relatively moderate, so the common female can easy to move it. And the rated power of the juicer is 240w. The 1000w voltage converter could not be damaged because of overload.
 juicer need a 1000w voltage converter in Mexico

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