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Do I Need a Voltage Converter for a Slide Projector?

I bought a Mamiya pro cabin 6z slide projector recently. It seems to be in good condition. The manual indicates power supply of 230-240v 50Hz or 110-120v, 60Hz, while the projector casing says 110-120v, 50/60Hz made in Japan for Mamiya USA.

BH photo video, US said it should work with 220-240v in my several conversations with them, before the purchase. I guess they got it wrong.
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The manual says 320W power consumption. I stay in India (220v, 50Hz power supply) believe that I will need a 220v to 110v voltage converter. I read online that some appliances are high load appliances and I will need a voltage converter with 2-3 times capacity as the stated power consumption of the appliance. I am not sure if the projector fits in the category.

Then, I should get a 500w converter or 1000W converter. After some researches, I think a 500w converter should be sufficient. All I need is a voltage converter. They can be quite heavy and often expensive.

I realize I said 500w, but with the inexpensive Chinese product, the cost will not be too high. Today, Chinese product also has very high quality and good safety margin.

It does say to use a different bulb and fuse for 240V. No mention of whether the fan is dual-voltage.

Many dual voltage items have either 1) a switch that lets you choose between 110V and 220V; 2) a circuit board inside where you move a wire from one screw terminal to another to make the change.
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I would look very carefully at the projector to see if it sees either of this anywhere, including inside. It would seem that the motor might be set up this way. For the bulb, it's more likely that it's a matter of getting a 240-volt bulb in the same socket size and wattage.

If this is the case, I think I would be better off changing the fan voltage setting and swapping the fuse and bulb than using a voltage converter.

The fact that is says "For Mamiya USA" might mean only that these switch/wire settings were set for 110V and that it shipped with a cord that had a US plug. I have had Austrian-made movie projectors, for example, that shipped with a US cord but had voltage settings from 110V to 220V inside.

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