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As we know, most of European & Asian countries mains power supplies are 220V (230v, 240v). But in North America, the voltage is generally 110V (120v). When an appliance is made for USA power supply (110 volt) but is bought by a UK (230 volt) customer, mostly, it needs a 230V to 110V voltage converter. Also, when you travel from China (220 volt) to USA (110 volt) and bring some appliances, you need an 110v to 220v voltage converter.

For this reason, voltage converters are now widely used in our families, especially for international travellers. We can use all foreign electric appliances with a voltage converter, such as: 4K television, BD player, hair dryer, cooking machine, electric shaver, air purifier, rice cooker, electric kettle, vacuum cleaner, hi-fi active speaker and so on.
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1000w voltage converter is a household voltage converter. It is larger and heavier than the 500w voltage converter, and lighter and cheaper than 2000w or 3000w voltage converter. So it's more suitable for converting voltage at home, and connecting some low-power small household appliances buying from abroad, such as the heating-type face steamer, low-speed juicer and so on.

1000w voltage converter1000w voltage converter parameters:
Input voltage: 100-120v/220-240v
Output voltage: 220-240v/100-120v
Size: 228*152*100mm
Weight: 5kg
Rated power: 1000w
Coil type: Toroidal
Efficiency: 90%
Protection: Over load/over voltage
Certification: CE
Nowadays more and more Indians are studying and working in US. They are beginning to adapt to the life in US, and are accustomed to using all kinds of electronic equipment and household appliances produced in US. But when they return to India to continue their life and work, they will find that most of the household appliances can't be used. That is because the US voltage is 110v, while India voltage is 220v-230v. If people in India want to continue to use household appliances made in US, they must buy a step-down voltage converter. If they have many electrical appliances at home, it is recommended to buy a 3000w voltage converter.
The voltage converter can transform input 220V voltage to 110V output, if the input voltage fluctuations, the output voltage will be equal to fluctuations. When the input voltage rose to 260V, the output will be 130V. Therefore, our converter designed over-voltage protection function, when the output voltage is higher than 123V, the converter will automatically cut off the output, and in the display window shows 'Hi' characters to remind the user.
Voltage converter
An universal adapter converter, use to convert the wall socket (such as convert the three square head into two round head). Second, a travel voltage converter 500w, use to convert the voltage of other countries (220v to 110v, or 110v to 220v). And then in addition to passport, wallet, bank card, mobile phone, camera and computer, the rest are probably clothes, shoes and toiletries.
500w voltage converter and appliances

The travel voltage converter 500w itself is equipped with a power converter. We take with it basically can't use a universal adapter converter. The most important is that the voltage converter is a dedicated voltage converter for travel. It has small size, moderate weight. Its rated power is 500w, basically fits the needs of all small household appliances that people carry aboard, such as electric toothbrushes and so on.
The manual says 320W power consumption. I stay in India (220v, 50Hz power supply) believe that I will need a 220v to 110v voltage converter. I read online that some appliances are high load appliances and I will need a voltage converter with 2-3 times capacity as the stated power consumption of the appliance. I am not sure if the projector fits in the category.
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US operate on 110V and the UK on 230V. That is to say I would need the step-down converter if the TV is rated for 110V only. I haven't found information on this on the TVs manual. It says something about a sticker on the back containing this info. If that sticker says the TV cannot handle UK voltage, a 230V to 110V voltage converter will be needed.
A friend said the rice cooker he bought from Japan cannot be used at home. In fact, not only Japan's rice cooker, the coffee machines, ovens and other appliances from the United States are not easy to use at home.

The only solution is to convert the 220V home electric into 110V, so be sure to use the voltage converter. Some people may think that voltage converting is very simple? A travel plug can do the job! Actually, it can't. Common conversion plug power is only 60W, but household appliances power generally much higher, such as rice cooker power is at least 600W, most common is 1000W-1500W. To be safe, you'll need a GoHz voltage converter.
120V (110v) outlet can power virtually any standard device you can imagine, from tiny handheld electronics to large appliances. However, the item you want to use may require the higher 240V (220v, 230v) outlet. Fortunately, converting your outlet from 120V to 240V is a relatively simple project. Moreover, buying a reliable voltage converter will make the job even easier.
With the rise of overseas shopping, more and more people purchase various kinds of imported home appliances through the internet. Such as: TV, hair dryer, stereo, rice cookers, electric kettles, vacuum cleaners and so on. However, these appliances buying from abroad can be used normally at home? We know that some countries, the voltage is 220V~240V, while others are 100V, 110V~120V.
For example:
100V: Japan
110~120V: US, Canada, Panama, Cuba, Lebanon, Mexico, etc.
220~240V: UK, Germany, France, China, Singapore, Italy, Spain, Greece, Australia, Netherlands, Thailand, Norway, India, etc.
Voltage converter is a kind of transformer commonly used to meet the requirement of stable output current. Voltage converter conversion efficiency is usually between 70%-90%. Transformers are used in almost all electronic products, its principle is simple but depending on the use of occasions (different purposes), which the transformer winding process will have different requirements.

Due to different electricity environment in different countries and regions, there are differences in civilian voltage, and the voltage ranges of national electrical appliances are also different. Common voltages values are 220V voltage and 110V voltage. With the rapid progress of science and technology in the world, voltage converter will become an essential supply when going abroad. The device will bring great convenience for people's work and life, as well as saving money and reducing energy waste.
Technical parameters:
Input voltage: AC 220V-240V 50/60Hz
Output voltage: AC 100V-120V
Output power: 50W
Package: Boxed
Weight: About 0.9kg
Volume: Length 14cmXwidth 7.5cmXheight 5.8cm
In many European countries, the socket standard is not the same, so we also need to simultaneously bring all kinds of plug conversions for all devices, and bring a power strip, finishing down there is so much luggage. But now, just a USB voltage converter and a data cable, all this problems can be solved easily. You can say goodbye to all your mobile phone chargers, power adapters and power strips! The USB converter is specially designed for people who will go abroad, there're two models for your choices, orange 220V and white 110V. USB converter has two convertible plugs, one 5 contact-pin socket, fits for two-pin or three-pin plug. The USB voltage converter can freely convert power supply interface from 183 countries and regions around the world.
Full featured USB voltage converter
110v to 220v Converter
With a Voltage Converter, you can convert
110v to 220v;
120v to 220v;
220v to 110v;
230v to 110v;
240v to 110v.

Note, voltage converters do NOT convert 50Hz to 60Hz, or 60Hz to 50Hz.
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