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A friend said the rice cooker he bought from Japan cannot be used at home. In fact, not only Japan's rice cooker, the coffee machines, ovens and other appliances from the United States are not easy to use at home.

The only solution is to convert the 220V home electric into 110V, so be sure to use the voltage converter. Some people may think that voltage converting is very simple? A travel plug can do the job! Actually, it can't. Common conversion plug power is only 60W, but household appliances power generally much higher, such as rice cooker power is at least 600W, most common is 1000W-1500W. To be safe, you'll need a GoHz voltage converter.
Voltage converter is a kind of transformer commonly used to meet the requirement of stable output current. Voltage converter conversion efficiency is usually between 70%-90%. Transformers are used in almost all electronic products, its principle is simple but depending on the use of occasions (different purposes), which the transformer winding process will have different requirements.

Due to different electricity environment in different countries and regions, there are differences in civilian voltage, and the voltage ranges of national electrical appliances are also different. Common voltages values are 220V voltage and 110V voltage. With the rapid progress of science and technology in the world, voltage converter will become an essential supply when going abroad. The device will bring great convenience for people's work and life, as well as saving money and reducing energy waste.
Many people who travel to the United States found it difficult to use their electronic devices, because of different power supply systems in the United States and Europe. In many countries, including Europe, using 220V/50Hz system. But some countries, such as the United States, use more safe system of 110V/60Hz. As a result, these countries must use specially designed appliances for specific power supply connection. Otherwise the appliance will be easily damaged because of the different voltage.
At present, the market has different varieties of voltage converter, and they are in different quality. So, the consumers always feel confused when purchasing such devices. However, voltage converters are commonly used device at home or in overseas tourism. It is the main electrical accessories to using electricity safety. Quality and performance of the converter plays an important role in prevention of fire and reduce losses. The technical experts summed up some experience of identifying the converter quality for consumers.
Step-up voltage converter refers to make the voltage instant start. At present, voltage converter manufacturers is relatively scarce that can effectively achieve instant boost. Step-up voltage converter instant start boosting ability is stronger, boost effect is better. The difference is that the off-circuit tap-changer does not have the ability to switch gears with loads. Because this tap-changer in the process of converting gear, a short disconnect process, disconnect the load current will cause contact between the arc and burn out tap-changer or cause short circuit, so the voltage converter must be de-energized when shift position. So generally used for voltage requirements is not very strict without the need to regularly shift the voltage converter.
A step-up or step-down voltage converter has the advantages of small size, light weight, compact structure, strong versatility and high generality. Voltage converter has a variety of design details, and is very easy to use, in order to fully meet your requirement.
Step up and step down voltage converter

AC step-up voltage converter is to convert AC voltage, AC step-up voltage converter have the features of small size, light weight, compact, full-featured, versatile and easy to use. Especially suitable for power systems, industrial and mining enterprises, scientific research and other departments for a variety of high-voltage electrical equipment, electrical components, insulation material sinks under AC high frequency or dielectric strength test.
110v to 220v Converter
With a Voltage Converter, you can convert
110v to 220v;
120v to 220v;
220v to 110v;
230v to 110v;
240v to 110v.

Note, voltage converters do NOT convert 50Hz to 60Hz, or 60Hz to 50Hz.
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