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Automatic 220v to 110v Voltage Converter in America

As we know, electric voltage of some countries and regions is 220V. But in America, the electric voltage is generally 110V. When you use an electric appliance imported from America, you may need a 220V to 110V voltage converter. If you travel to America, you need an 110V to 220V voltage converter. Otherwise, the electric appliances will not work properly or even burn out. With the rise of overseas shopping, more and more people around the world purchase a variety of their favorite imported household electric appliances through online shopping. For this reason, voltage converters are now widely applied in our families. People can easily use all imported electric appliances with a voltage converter, such as: hair dryer, cooking machine, air purifier, rice cooker, electric kettle, vacuum cleaner and so on.

There are so many kinds of voltage converters sold on the market. Most people consider more about the voltage and power of electric appliances when they choose a voltage converter. Is there a voltage converter that people can purchase and use more easily? The answer is yes, and now we will recommend you a new GoHz automatic voltage converter.

The automatic voltage converter has concise appearance, built-in temperature protection and overload protection device. It is also simple to operate, safe and reliable to use. Compared with other common voltage converters, the greatest feature of automatic voltage converter is that it uses the automatic inspection system to determine the input voltage and automatically convert to 220V and 110V output voltage. That is to say, when the input voltage is 220V/230V/240V, the output voltage will be 220V and 110V. When the input voltage is 110V/120V, the output voltage will also be 220V and 110V. So, users do not need to know how much the local voltage is, and no need to manually toggle the switch to select converting output voltage. When the voltage converter is powered on, users can just check the rated voltage on electric appliance's nameplate, find the appropriate outlet on voltage converter, and then insert the electric appliance's plug into the outlet. It is so easy and safe.

Automatic voltage converter has a total of four output sockets, can connect two 220V electric appliances and two 110V electric appliances simultaneously. Automatic voltage converter has maximum output power up to 6000W, which can fully ensure all various types of high-power electric appliances running stability at the same time. The input voltage range of automatic voltage converter is 90V-128V/180V-255V, applicable to all countries and regions in the world. Users don't need to judge input voltage themselves, and manually select the output voltage, effectively avoiding false operation. Even a novice in electric appliances can safely use the automatic voltage converter.
Automatic voltage converter

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