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Difference between Voltage Converter and Power Adapter

Travel Charger:
  • The travel charger can change the shape of plug, so that your appliances can be used through foreign sockets.
  • Travel adapter does not convert voltage.
  • Travel adapter is much cheaper than the travel voltage converters, and even some can be less than $3.

Travel charger
Travel voltage converter

  • Travel voltage converter can convert voltage between countries.
  • Voltage converter can change the voltage, like 110V to 220V, or other voltages used around the world.
  • In addition of switching voltage, travel voltage converters also can be a travel adapter, because most of them can be adapted in the socket outlet of other countries.
  • Usually, travel voltage converters are more expensive than the travel power adapter.

Travel voltage converter

Which one should I buy?
Choosing whether to buy a travel charger or travel voltage converters, you should consider whether you need to convert electrical voltage for electric devices. Many electronic devices, such as computers and smartphones, can handle different voltages with their charger. This is also known as the "multi-voltage". Some multi-voltage or dual-voltage electronic products are as follows (no need of voltage converter):

  • Computer
  • Camera
  • Smartphone
  • Pad

For example, I have a MacBook Air, rechargeable at both 110V and 220V socket outlet. To charge my MacBook Air overseas, I only need to buy a travel charger. On the other hand, many electrical appliances require a voltage converter because they are ‘single voltage’. Some single electrical voltage appliances (need a voltage converter):

  • Hair dryer
  • Electric toothbrush
  • Electric shaver

Be sure to check your electronics device and reading its label. The examples above are not always single voltage or multi-voltage. If you need to convert electrical voltage, it is best to buy a travel voltage converter, in order to protect your electronic equipment. If the appliance does not need a voltage converter, you can save money by purchasing a power adapter. However, if you do not know your electronic device is a single voltage or multi-voltage, just in case, please purchases a voltage converter.

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