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Do I need 110v to 220v Voltage Converter for Electric Appliance?

Most electronics devices say whether they can accept 110 volts. If an electronic appliance can't handle 110v, a new voltage converter of supplying the same DC output voltage and same or more current will work.

Whether you need a 110v/220v voltage converter depends on what the appliance is. If you're using 110v light bulbs, just string two of them in series. If you're looking at something that takes a significant amount of power, or has a variable amount of current draw, or is voltage-sensitive, then the only thing you can do is use a voltage converter. For appliances like washing machine or hair drier, those have motors that need a step down transformer. In that case, it will be much cheaper than to buy a new appliance. However, more wattage appliance needs more costly 220v to 110v step-down voltage converter.

Check the details of the power-supply of the device on whether it supports only 110V or is stating as input "110V-240V". If it does, check whether it has a switch to change it from 110V to 220V. If it has no switch, all you need is a socket adapter.

Do note that lots of modern electronics-e.g., most laptops-are designed to work with either 110/120V or 220/240V AC. Just use the correct plug adapter and you're off and running. But read the label on the power supply block to make sure!
Voltage converter
Can I use a heating pad that is designed in S Korea using 220 in the US using 110 without a converter and just a plug adapter?
- - - -> by: SM
I imported celling speaker and amplifier from USA bt EY are for 110v I want EY to work on 220 to 240 volts bt wat can I use, Stepdown or up for how many watts
- - - -> by: Ras soggie

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