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How to Choose a Voltage Converter for Home Appliances?

With the rise of overseas shopping, more and more people purchase various kinds of imported home appliances through the internet. Such as: TV, hair dryer, stereo, rice cookers, electric kettles, vacuum cleaners and so on. However, these appliances buying from abroad can be used normally at home? We know that some countries, the voltage is 220V~240V, while others are 100V, 110V~130V.
For example:
100V: Japan
110~120V: US, Canada, Panama, Cuba, Lebanon, Mexico, etc.
220~240V: UK, Germany, France, China, Singapore, Italy, Spain, Greece, Australia, Netherlands, Thailand, Norway, India, etc.
voltage converter
Usually, if the 110V voltage designed electrical appliance is inserted into the 220V voltage, the inside parts will be burn out because of the high voltage. So we must first use a voltage converter to set down the voltage to 110V. On the contrary, if the 220V voltage designed appliance is inserted into the 110V voltage, it still can be used. But there will be power shortage because the voltage is too low. The service life of electrical appliance will be greatly reduced under long-term low voltage operating.

How to select the appropriate voltage converter? GoHz will give you some suggestions.

Safety is the first consideration. It is recommended to find a voltage converter with built-in overload protection. During application, when the actual load exceeds the rated power, it will automatically disconnect the power supply to prevent security risk caused by overload. A grounding protection is also recommended. The metal shell of the product is fully connected with the ground wire of the power grids to effectively prevent electric shock accidents.

The output power is different of different voltage converters. Of course, the greater the output power, the higher the cost, the more expensive the price. And the greater output power general means greater volume. When you buy a voltage converter, you should determine the input voltage, output power and voltage frequency. The input voltage and voltage frequency are determined by where you use the voltage converter. The output power depends on the power of your appliance. However, it should be noticed that the voltage converter rated output power is the highest value, the electrical appliance power should be lower than the voltage converter output power. For example, you have a 1200W hair dryer, and then you should at least buy a 1500W output power voltage converter. Of course, buy a 2000W voltage converter is better.

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