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220V to 110V Voltage Converter Introduction & Parameters

220V to 110V voltage converter is a modern electrical industrial product adapting imported equipment in China power grid. 220V voltage converter can convert the voltage to meet the imported devices. So, 220V power converter has become an irreplaceable mainstay in our daily life. Our products have been researched and developed in the light of the latest products of Siemens. The products are in accordance with international standard. The products are of high quality and advanced technology, and are widely used in 1KVA-1000KVA, single-phase and three-phase dry type voltage transforming, especially for imported devices (220V to 110V, or 220V to any voltage output). The dry-type isolation voltage converter is widely used in AC 50~60HZ, input and output voltage of not more than 500V of three-phase power supply occasions. Widely used in AC 50, 60 HZ, input and output voltage of not more than 500V occasions. The various input, output, voltage level, connection group, adjust the tap position, winding capacity distribution, the secondary winding is equipped with, whether with a shell, are carefully designed and manufactured based on user requirements.

220V to 110V voltage converter energy efficiency analysis:
1. Install with high-quality cold-rolled silicon steel sheet; apply special dipping process and drying oven. Effectively reducing the vibration and noise at run-time; and the application of high temperature insulation material design and other new technology largely increase the energy efficient and lower the noise. Energy-saving low noise coil has ventilation slots, which effectively reducing the coil temperature.
2. Including the outer box, casters (100KVA below), voltmeter, ammeter and cooling fan.
220v to 110v voltage converter
220V to 110V voltage converter product features:
Technical parameters
Number of phases: single phase/three phase
Capacity: single-phase 0.25KVA-200KVA   three-phase 0.5KVA-1000KVA
Input voltage: single-phase 1φ220V/110V   three-phase 1¢/3φ220V/380V
Output voltage: 1140V/660V/380V/220V/200V/127V/110V/100V/48V/36V/24V/12V/6.3V
Output voltage accuracy: ±1%
Voltage variation rate: ≤1.5%
Output waveform distortion: No distortion (compared to the input waveform)
Insulation class: F grade, H grade, HC grade to choose (conventional H grade).
Temperature resistance: 180 ℃
Work efficiency: Auto-type≥99%   Induction (isolated)≥95%
Applicable frequency: 50/60Hz
Connection: Y/△ Any combination (auto-coupling/isolation voltage converter)
Overload capacity: Allow more than 1.2 times the rated load for 4 hours (long-term full load)
Noise: ≤35dB (within one meter)
Temperature rise: ≤60℃
Insulation resistance: ≥150MΩ
Dielectric strength: 3000VAC/1min
Design life: 25 years
Working environment: Temperature: -20~45℃, Humidity: ≤95% RH non-condensing
Workplace: non-corrosive gases and conductive dust
Safety standards: The products comply with VDE0550, IEC439, JB5555, GB226 and other international standards
Cooling: dry air-cooled

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