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How to Use 110V Electrical Appliances when Traveling?

Some small electronics such as hair dryer, tooth brush, shaver, telephone, battery charger and very few laptops are only available in 110V. These appliances would require a step-down voltage converter for use in 220V countries. Since these appliances do not require as much power, small travel size voltage converters are sufficient enough for them. We have small size travel converters up to 200 watts for small electronics and 1600 watt for heat producing items such as hair dryer and iron. We also have small travel size step up voltage converter for use with 220V electronics in the US or Canada (110V countries).

Dual wattage (50-1600 watt) travel converters:
These type of converters have two different type of converters built into one unit. At LOW (up to 50W) setting, it uses an AC transformer to converter 220V sinusoidal waveform into an 110V sinusoidal waveform. This is the best approach for a voltage converter and works well for small electronics. However, to handle higher wattage the AC transformer would need to be much bulkier and heavier. Thus, at HIGH (1600W) setting, this converter simply uses a solid-state switch inside to chop off part of the input 220V sinusoidal waveform causing a highly distorted output waveform which is far from an 110V sinusoidal AC. A completely resistive appliance (such as travel iron or water heater) will work just fine regardless of different voltage waveform. But, do not attempt to use an electronic appliance such as laptop, battery charger, BD player or curling iron with this distorted 220V waveform, it will damage the appliance and the converter.
220v to 110v voltage converter
Few Things to Remember When Using Travel Voltage Converters:
Most travel size voltage converters are not designed for continuous use. Unplug them from the outlet when not using.
Make sure that the required wattage of your appliance is less than the maximum capacity of the travel converter. We recommend at least 50% higher wattage converter than the appliance required. Certain products "spike" when they are switched on causing the wattage to exceed 2 or 3 times more than the stated wattage.
Don't forget to get a compatible plug adapter for your country if the plug on the travel converter is incompatible with your country's outlets.

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