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1500W Voltage Converter for Foreign Electrical Appliances

Intelligent control
The voltage converter has overvoltage, overheating and abnormal protection.
Full power
The voltage converter can withstand 100% load.
Visual interface
The device has high-tech user interface, offering user-friendly control.

I. Intelligent control.

1. Overvoltage protection
The voltage fluctuations will often occur. When you are using electrical appliances at full power, the peak voltage will be lower than 190V. But in other times, the electricity voltage can up to 260V or more. Such high voltage will seriously threaten the electrical life.
The voltage converter can transform input 220V voltage to 110V output, if the input voltage fluctuations, the output voltage will be equal to fluctuations. When the input voltage rose to 260V, the output will be 130V. Therefore, our converter designed overvoltage protection function, when the output voltage is higher than 123V, the converter will automatically cut off the output, and in the display window shows 'Hi' characters to remind the user.
Voltage converter
2. Overheating protection
In order to prevent the user overload use, resulting in damage, the voltage converter has specially designed overheat protection.
Voltage converters are generally equipped with fuses or circuit breakers, but these measures are used to prevent serious overload conditions, such as overloading more than 50%. But if the user overloads 20%, it cannot be protected. In this case, the transformer will be hot. When the temperature exceeds 140℃, the transformer in the enameled wire insulation will be seriously affected, once the short circuit, will likely lead to leakage or even burning.
In order to avoid the occurrence of the above incidents, the voltage converter is specifically designed overheat protection to prevent overheating work.

3. Abnormal protection
The product may be damaged in the transportation or the daily use, resulting in transformer circuit break and directly output 220V to burn the imported electrical appliances. But this voltage converter specially installed the abnormal protection function to protect your 110V imported electrical devices.
Voltage converter
II. Full power
1. Imported electrical nameplate will be marked with power consumption. If you are going to use multiple appliances at the same time, you need to calculate the total power. The voltage converter marks the actual output capacity to divide the specifications. If you choose GoHz voltage converter, without leaving the margin, choose not less than your imported electrical power consumption specifications. Assuming your power consumption of imported electrical appliances is 950W, and our products have 1000W, 1500W and 2000W models, you only need to choose 1000W model.

2. The weight of the voltage converter is mainly composed of transformer and shell, in which the weight of the transformer can basically reflect the size of the power.

III. Visual interface
The digital display is designed for users to grasp the status of product features, not a single digital voltmeter. Only real intelligent control can achieve these functions.
Hi. Overvoltage protection, when high voltage appears.
Lo. Undervoltage reminder, when low pressure appears.
OL. Overheat protection, displayed when the user is overloaded.
110. Displayed when the output voltage is within the normal range.

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