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3000w 220v to 110v Voltage Converter for Hair Dryer & Blender

Nowadays more and more Indians are studying and working in US. They are beginning to adapt to the life in US, and are accustomed to using all kinds of electronic equipment and household appliances produced in US. But when they return to India to continue their life and work, they will find that most of the household appliances can't be used. That is because the US voltage is 110v, while India voltage is 220v-230v. If people in 3000w voltage converterIndia want to continue to use household appliances made in US, they must buy a step-down voltage converter. If they have many electrical appliances at home, it is recommended to buy a 3000w voltage converter.

3000w voltage converter parameters:
Input voltage: 220v,230v,240v AC
Output voltage: 110v,120v AC
Rated power: 3000w
Dimension: 240*220*170mm
Weight: 10kg

This 3000w voltage converter can match the electrical appliances made in US as follows:

appliances need 3000w voltage converter
1. Chef machine
The chef machine is almost the favorite kitchen appliance in every American family. Using chef machine can fast and simply make all kinds of pasta, such as cake, bread, pizza, noodle, etc., and also can quickly make meat and paste with pasta.
2. Blender
Blender is best suited for grinding all kinds of spices, making all kinds of nutritious fruit juice and vegetable juice, and even making smoothie, ice cream and so on.
3. Hair dryer
Hair dryer rated power can up to 2000w (hot mode), so people must use a 3000w voltage converter to assure continuing safety.
4. Electric cooker
How could eat curry without rice? Using the IH electric cooker, rice will be very fragrant and delicious, and people will increase appetite.

Of course, there are many other types of household appliances can be used after connecting to the 3000w voltage converter in India, such as air purifiers, vacuum cleaners and etc.

In order to expediently use some lower power appliances at the same time, the voltage converter has three output sockets. But people must pay attention to the total power of all electrical appliances can't higher than 2400w, so as to avoid damage to voltage converters and electrical appliances caused by fluctuations in the power grid or work power suddenly rising. Besides, in order to expediently move the voltage converter, there is an anti-skid handle on the top. Because the high-power voltage converters are relatively heavy, people must take care of their safety.
3000w voltage converter connect with appliances

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