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How to Use 110v USA TV in UK 230v? Voltage Converter Usage

I just received a 50inch 110V OLED TV from USA, and I was on the internet about to buy a travel voltage converter so I can use it with a UK plug socket which is 230V, but then a friend recommended me a "step-down converter" for USA electronics used in the UK.

US operate on 110V and the UK on 230V. That is to say I would need the step-down converter if the TV is rated for 110V only. I haven't found information on this on the TVs manual. It says something about a sticker on the back containing this info. If that sticker says the TV cannot handle UK voltage, a 230V to 110V voltage converter will be needed.

Now, I'm not entirely sure but I'll give you an example: Japan uses 100V, Switzerland 220V. I need a step-down converter for my Japanese GameCube console in my home, otherwise it goes poof. By that logic it would be wise to have a step-down converter in the power chain for my TV.

I've avoided opening the box until now as it's a Christmas present, and I want it to remain sealed until Christmas. So I've just gone ahead and bought a 1000W step-down voltage converter which will be here in time for Christmas.

And finally I decided to buy a 230v to 110v step-down voltage converter on GoHz.com, for the website sells high quality converters. I can use the voltage converter to convert the voltage from 230v to 110v for my new TV.
230v to 110v voltage converter
So TV working okay?
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