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Differences between Voltage Converter and Power Converter

Voltage converter and power converter reads familiar, but users are easy to confuse them. Power converter, also known as AC adapter, is a kind of transformer. Due to the power environment and civil voltage of countries and regions in the world is different, the voltage range applicable to each country appliances is different. 220V and 110V are the two kinds of common voltage. According to this, power converter and voltage converter is actually one kind of product. The usage of voltage converter is also voltage conversion, commonly 220V to 110V and 110V to 220V.

Power converter
There would be no distinction between the two devices? No, there are differences. For such product is just emerging in recent years, outbound tourism and cross-border online shopping indirectly promote such products into the market, the demand is gradually increasing. However, the user's perception of the new is a bit lacking, so it needs to distinguish the two kinds of products. People looking for a power converter generally require the portable conversion socket, or power convert strip. Characteristics of this type of product are temporary travel convenient, easy to carry, relatively low power.
Voltage converter
Voltage converter is the favor of cross-border purchased devices. Some typical life appliances bought from China are: Rice cookers, cooking machine, hair dryer, air purifier, etc. However, this type of imported electrical voltage is different with the United States 110V household main voltage, belonging to 220V voltage. It is necessary to attach a voltage converter to work properly. Voltage converter is suitable for living appliances because of high power and low frequency.

Power converter outlet is often applied to electronic products, such as foreign mobile phone. This is the difference between the voltage converter and the power converter, the function is the same, but the application scenarios divided into two categories.

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