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Step-up Voltage Converter Working Principle

Voltage converter is common electrical equipment, which can be used to alternate a certain value of voltage into the same frequency of another value of voltage.

A step-up voltage converter is used to convert a low-value alternating voltage to another higher-value alternating voltage of the same frequency. It is widely applicable in high frequency field, such as inverter power supply.
Step-up voltage converter

Step-up voltage converter refers to make the voltage instant start. At present, voltage converter manufacturers is relatively scarce that can effectively achieve instant boost. Step-up voltage converter instant start boosting ability is stronger, boost effect is better. The difference is that the off-circuit tap-changer does not have the ability to switch gears with loads. Because this tap-changer in the process of converting gear, a short disconnect process, disconnect the load current will cause contact between the arc and burn out tap-changer or cause short circuit, so the voltage converter must be de-energized when shift position. So generally used for voltage requirements is not very strict without the need to regularly shift the voltage converter.

Step-up voltage converter working principle: Step-up voltage converter is to transform low AC voltage, high current, low impedance to high AC voltage, low current and high impedance devices. When the primary coil through the AC current, the iron core (or magnetic core) will produce AC magnetic flux, the secondary coil induces a voltage (or current). The input voltage must be alternating current source whose output voltage is proportional to the turns’ ratio of the output input coil.

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