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Plug and Socket Voltage Converter Selection Guide

At present, the market has different varieties of voltage converter, and they are in different quality. So, the consumers always feel confused when purchasing such devices. However, voltage converters are commonly used device at home or in overseas tourism. It is the main electrical accessories to using electricity safety. Quality and performance of the converter plays an important role in prevention of fire and reduce losses. The technical experts summed up some experience of identifying the converter quality for consumers.

First, appearance and hand feeling
Generally, good converter using high-quality PC material, its appearance is flat and has a good flame retardant. Good converter feels a little heavy on your hand. Some products although has the smooth surface, but the weight is very light. Such material has low flame retardant, which may cause dangerous in application.

Second, structure
Currently, home converter on the market has two kinds of structure, detachable and sealed. The difference is whether it can be detached with an ordinary screwdriver. If you are a regular consumer, we recommend you to choose a sealed type converter. Because of the rated current and power cord length are in different specifications, which can meet the needs of ordinary consumers. If you have electrical knowledge or special requirements, you can also choose detachable converters. In addition, the plug used in the converter must have 3C mark. You can also connect your own plug to the converter to test its insertion force, too tight or too loose may affect daily use.

Third, identification
On the market, voltage converter product has two usual rated currents of 10A and 16A. Converter products must identify the maximum power, current and voltage with clear marks. Consumers can choose according to their actual requirement. It should be reminded that some of the converter plug rated current is 10A, but the converter itself rated current is 16A. This kind of converter will have over heat circuit and accelerated aging, and can even cause short-circuit and fire hazard.

Fourth, brand
A famous brand had gone through the test of time and market, so both material and quality are strictly checked. We also recommend consumers to buy a voltage converter at www.gohz.com. Because these voltage converters are inspected before entering the market, so the quality is guaranteed.

Finally, it must notice that users should not use multiple high-power appliances on the same converter, which may cause overload or even accidents.

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