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Do You Need a Voltage Converter for International Travel?

At present, there are two types of voltage used in various countries. They are 100~130v and 220~240v. 100V, 110V~130V are classified as low voltage, which used in US (110V), Japan (100V), Canada (120V) and Columbia (110V) etc. The devices from these countries are designed in accordance with such low voltage. This kind of voltage is focusing on security. 220~240V is classified as high voltage. China (220V), UK (230V), Australia (240V) and many European countries use 220~240V, focusing on efficiency.
world voltage map

The world's electricity environment is different, as well as the civil voltage. The voltage applicable range of each country is also different. If the commonly used electrical appliances are used abroad, will the voltage differences cause any problems?

With the same voltage system, the electrical appliances used abroad will not cause problems. Most of the electrical appliances have a 20% voltage float range, such as the electric stove, rice cooker and so on. So the 230V voltage will only let the electrical heating faster without any problem.

For voltage-demanding and costly appliances, voltage converters are recommended when voltages are different, even in the same voltage system. This is to avoid electrical appliances burnt down or affect the service life.
 voltage converter
If the high-voltage electrical appliance is used in low-voltage countries, such as Chinese 220V electrical appliances used in American 110V environment, the electrical appliances will generally not work or barely be able to work.

However, under the background of globalization, some international companies noticed the voltage difference between countries. Therefore, the design of many appliances comes with adapter voltage, which can be suitable for 110V~240V voltage. Of course, if you often go abroad, GoHz recommended that you take plug converter and voltage converter with you.

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