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At present, there are two types of voltage used in various countries. They are 100~130v and 220~240v. 100V, 110V~130V are classified as low voltage, which used in US (110V), Japan (100V), Canada (120V) and Columbia (110V) etc. The devices from these countries are designed in accordance with such low voltage. This kind of voltage is focusing on security. 220~240V is classified as high voltage. China (220V), UK (230V), Australia (240V) and many European countries use 220~240V, focusing on efficiency.
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The world's electricity environment is different, as well as the civil voltage. The voltage applicable range of each country is also different. If the commonly used electrical appliances are used abroad, will the voltage differences cause any problems?
When selecting a voltage converter, you need to pay special attention to the following:
  1. Select the voltage converters with entire copper wire coil. When the electrical appliances work in full power, the voltage converter can keep high efficiency, and low rising-temperature.
  2. Select the voltage converters with overload protection. When the actual load exceeds the rated, the voltage converter will automatically cut off the power supply to prevent the potential hazard.
  3. Select the voltage converters with ground protection. Ground protection is to make the product metal shell and the power grid completely connected. It can effectively prevent personal electric shock accidents. For a 220V to 110V step-down voltage converter, the internal power transformer is toroidal type, its raw materials are insulating, and it built-in protection device, the voltage converter is safer in application.
  4. Select the voltage converters with larger power than the electric appliances. In advance to set aside some space, it can be as much as possible to avoid accidents caused by overload, and extend the service life of voltage converter.
In many European countries, the socket standard is not the same, so we also need to simultaneously bring all kinds of plug conversions for all devices, and bring a power strip, finishing down there is so much luggage. But now, just a USB voltage converter and a data cable, all this problems can be solved easily. You can say goodbye to all your mobile phone chargers, power adapters and power strips! The USB converter is specially designed for people who will go abroad, there're two models for your choices, orange 220V and white 110V. USB converter has two convertible plugs, one 5 contact-pin socket, fits for two-pin or three-pin plug. The USB voltage converter can freely convert power supply interface from 183 countries and regions around the world.
Full featured USB voltage converter
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110v to 220v Converter
With a Voltage Converter, you can convert
110v to 220v;
120v to 220v;
220v to 110v;
230v to 110v;
240v to 110v.

Note, voltage converters do NOT convert 50Hz to 60Hz, or 60Hz to 50Hz.
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